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Recent Updates

  • 6/15/2012 - Working hard to get examples included in the initial release along with tutorials up and running.

Welcome to .NinJa (dotNinJa)

.NinJa (formerly AwesomeScript) stands for .NET Intellisense driven JavaScript. It is a extensive JavaScript framework borrowing heavily from .NET application development with full Intellisense support in Visual Studio 2010. The goal of .NinJA is to provide a means of making dynamic changes to HTML documents without the use of string concatenation, provide a event model similar to the .NET framework, provide full Intellisense support to allow developers to figure out what to use without constantly looking for documentation, and to provide an environment that .NET developers are used while being fast, efficient, and comply with modern browser standards.

.NinJa started nearly 3 years ago as "AwesomeScript". The name change was mostly in favor of a name that was a partial acronym that better reflected the goals of the framework. The framework has been developed with the end user, that is the developer, in mind. Making use of it seem as intuitive as possible. .NinJa does not follow the CSS query pattern of other frameworks, nor does it follow the named parameters. Instead, the Intellisense provides descriptions of each parameter for each function call. It also follows the builder-pattern principle where most function calls can be chained together one after another rather than re-referencing the same object in a variable.

Basic Tutorials

Getting Started - Basic tutorial demonstrating elements as objects, events and intialization of NinJa.
Working with HTML - Basic tutorial on working with HTML elements including creating them and referencing them.
Property Functions - Explanation of how property functions work in NinJa. 
Events - A quick tutorial on the event model and how to use them with HTML.

Framework Core Tutorials

Arrays - Discusses the extensions on the Array object.
Strings - Discusses some of the extensions on the String object.
Controls - Discusses the control basics and includes documentation for the controls. 

Ajax Tutorials

Ajax Basics - A quick introduction of the AjaxRequest object and how to send request and handle responses.
Advanced Ajax - Web Service Requests - A view into the WebServiceRequest and how to handle their responses.
Super Ajax - A look into the use of generating service references for request reuse through out an entire application. 

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